• Environment Week

    It's Enviorment week and we want you to win green all week long! Be listening to the impossible question all this week for your chance to win green prizes from The Regional District of the Noth Okanagan and the City of Vernon!  Read More
  • Feng Shui Friday

    Let's talk ears today… are you really listening…?
    Your ears are referred to as the “Information Officers”, and true to their
    name, they hear all…. Age category: 1 - 14
    1. Ears represent our
    o Vigor & vitality
    o Intelligence
    o Childhood
    o Receptivity
    2. Soft ears
    o Awareness, easy going nature
    3. Reversed ears (anti-helix exceeds outer helix)
    o Rebellious, game changer!
    4. High set ears (top is above eyebrow)
    o Very high IQ
    5. Flat ears to the side of the head
    o Considers carefully what is heard
    6. Ears that stick out
    o Very determined person: likely will not listen to advisors!
    7. Ear lobes
    o Long Buddha lobes = longevity
    o Heavy crease through the earlobe = check your heart
    For more info check out Samantha Plovie at www.chisolutions.ca Read More
  • Sunrise Show Live at Safeway

    Thanks to the generosity of the Downtown Safeway and the Vernon community we raised over $17,000 this morning! Read More