Conservation Officers Not Happy About Deer Video


Vernon Conservation Officers are not happy with a YouTube video that has gone viral showing a deer approaching people at Kalamalka Lake.

Marnie Cuthill, Vernon WildSafeBC Community Coordinator says while deer can look cute and friendly, it's not a good idea to interact with them.

"Conservation Officers and WildsafeBC are concerned with that deer video that came out, with a deer way too close to people, it can be dangerous and especially that one that, it looks like it's been conditioned to humans and to seek out human food."

Cuthill says the YouTube video that shows a deer nuzzling a boy on the beach is dangerous for both humans and animals.

"Never approach wildlife and never feed the wildlife. This situation with the video and the deer approaching this boy was created by humans feeding a buck. And it's now come to expect food."

Cuthill says wild animals are unpredictable and can inflict serious injuries as they look for food or try to defend themselves.

The Conservation Officer Reporting Line has received numerous calls about a deer acting aggressively to people with coolers in the area.

For your safety it is recommended that if you are approached by deer, move away and if necessary, to another park or beach. 

If you think there may be a safety risk, people are encouraged to first move to a safe area and call the Conservation Officer Reporting line at 1-877-952-7277



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