Greg Graffin

Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin single-handedly nullifies the perception that some have about punk rock being an ignorant form of music for youngsters: he has an master's degree in geology and a Ph.D. in biology. First raised in southeastern Wisconsin and then Milwaukee, Graffin relocated with his mother to Los Angeles at the age of 11, after his parents divorced. A fan of pop radio from an early age, Graffin was in for quite a (culture) shock when surrounded by all the pot-smoking surfer dudes of the San Fernando Valley, who largely admired groups like Led Zeppelin. Luckily for Graffin, the Los Angeles punk/hardcore scene was just beginning to take shape, offering him a much needed alternative. Becoming aware of bands by listening to scenester Rodney Bingenheimer's Rodney on the ROQ radio show, Graffin soon gravitated toward such punk groups as the Adolescents, Black Flag, and the Circle Jerks (in addition to certain new wavers -- the Cars, Elvis Costello, etc.).

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