Vancouver punk-pop quartet Hedley are led by frontman Jacob Hoggard, who first rose to national prominence as a finalist during the 2004 season of the television talent contest Canadian Idol. Though voted off the series in its penultimate episode, Hoggard proved a major fan favorite, guaranteeing significant media exposure for his subsequent pursuits. In 2005, he formed Hedley with guitarist Dave Rosin, bassist Tommy Mac, and drummer Chris Crippin, all of whom previously teamed in the Vancouver band Everything After. The band generated a healthy buzz at the Canadian Music Week 2005 media showcase and, soon after, signed with Universal Music Canada. Working with producer Brian Howes, Hedley's self-titled debut was released that fall, generating the radio hits "Trip" and "On My Own." The album quickly went platinum, and Hedley spent the summer of 2006 supporting Yellowcard and Matchbook Romance on a North American tour before their album hit U.S. stores in September.

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