May 30, 2006
Universal International

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Track Listing

  1. Diamonds from Sierra Leone [DVD]
  2. Touch the Sky [DVD]
  3. Crack Music [DVD]
  4. Drive Slow [DVD]
  5. Through the Wire [DVD]
  6. Workout Plan [DVD]
  7. Heard 'Em Say [DVD]
  8. All Falls Down [DVD]
  9. Bring Me Down [DVD]
  10. Gone [DVD]
  11. Late [DVD]
  12. Jesus Walks [DVD]
  13. Diamonds from Sierra Leone [DVD]
  14. Gold Digger [DVD]
  15. Heard 'Em Say [DVD]
  16. Heard 'Em Say [Michael Gondry Video]
  17. Touch the Sky [DVD]