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The surprise success of Beauty and the Beat meant that the Go-Go's were expected to remain hitmakers, so perhaps it shouldn't have come as a surprise that their second album, Vacation, is a considerably slicker affair than their debut. Sporting a glossy yet alluring finish, the album has an appealing, radio-ready sound, but it's at the expense of the giddy sense of fun that made Beauty and the Beat such a vibrant record. However, Vacation is far from a washout. Although half the album is padded with filler, the very best moments are terrific pop songs, highlighted by the bouncy "This Old Feeling" and the classic title track.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Vacation
  2. He's So Strange
  3. Girl of 100 Lists
  4. We Don't Get Along
  5. I Think It's Me
  6. It's Everything but Partytime
  7. Get Up and Go
  8. This Old Feeling
  9. Cool Jerk
  10. The Way You Dance
  11. Beatnik Beach
  12. Worlds Away
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