June 22, 2004

Album Review

Erick Sermon's fifth solo album marks his move over to Universal Motown, after a two-album stint spent with J Records. As most could have only expected, Chilltown, New York offers nothing fancy. Sermon produces everything and is helped out on the mike -- yet is rarely outshined by -- the likes of Talib Kweli, Redman, Keith Murray, and Def Squad newcomer Sy Scott. He has yet to coast on his legacy; actually, he has to be one of the first MCs to underestimate it, claiming to be a 15-year veteran when he could lay claim to close to two decades of business. Chilltown won't be thought of as a classic down the line, but it hardly weakens the MC/producer's reputation. It's unfortunate that most will remember the album for "Feel It," a slight sop to the charts. Those who have been following Sermon all along, however, will see Chilltown for what it is: a hardly disposable, if imperfect, addition to a remarkable back catalog.
Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Home (Intro)
  2. Wit Ee's
  3. Relentless
  4. Jackin' for Rhymes (Skit)
  5. Street Hop
  6. Chillin'
  7. Like Me
  8. Matrix (Skit)
  9. God Sent
  10. I'm Not Him
  11. MC One Bar (Skit)
  12. Feel It
  13. Future Thug
  14. Do You Know
  15. Listen
  16. Hip Hop (Skit)
  17. Can You Hear Me Now
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