September 24, 1991
Music Club Records

Album Review

Throughout his career, John Denver has reflected a caring and uniquely uplifting spirit to the world at large. Each release gathers uniquely topical songs, often by lesser-known songwriters in addition to a few choice original tunes. Different Directions really hits the mark with spirited music by Denver and his stellar team of players supporting the uplifting songs ranging in scope from relationships to the environment, changing seasons and other topical and worldly issues.
Backroads Music/Heartbeats, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Potter's Wheel
  2. Ponies
  3. The Foxfire Suite/Spring Is Alive/You Are/Whisper the Wind/Spring Is Alive
  4. Chained to the Wheel
  5. Two Different Directions
  6. Hold on to Me
  7. The Chosen Ones
  8. Amazon (Let This Be a Voice)
  9. Tenderly Calling
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