September 21, 1999
Silva America

Album Review

Though billed as A.G.'s first solo effort, The Dirty Version is actually a collaborative effort between A.G. and his Ghetto Dwella affiliates (D-Flow and Party Arty). Wherever A.G. emerges, beats are sure to follow, and the production (Showbiz, Premier, Buckwild, Diamond D, and Lord Finesse) is the LP's backbone. Even though A.G.'s frequent collaborations with the Ghetto Dwellaz create disconcerting gaps in continuity, there's no disputing the groupings between A.G. and his esteemed D.I.T.C. cohorts, "Drop It Heavy" featuring KRS-One and Big Pun, "Weed Scented" featuring Guru and O.C., and "Underground Life" featuring Fat Joe and G.D. While A.G. runs the risk of overexposing himself before the highly anticipated D.I.T.C. project, this serves as an adequate appetizer before the impending feast.
Matt Conaway, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Muddslide
  2. All Eye Seeing/Diamond Burgos (Skit)
  3. Rude Awakening/Mucho Susio (Skit)
  4. Underground Life
  5. Be With
  6. Nowhere to Go
  7. A 2 da G/Hold It Down (Skit)
  8. Rock Star
  9. Weed Scented
  10. Leave It Alone/Club (Skit)
  11. B.X.M.F.
  12. We Do That Too
  13. Do You/Asshole (Skit)
  14. 20 Cent Girl/America Held Hostage (Skit)
  15. Drop It Heavy
  16. Ishims
  17. Kurupt Money
  18. Shout 'Em Out [*]