October 31, 1995

Album Review

The second of Matador's compilations of Pizzicato Five's Japanese releases, with an emphasis on Bossanova 2001 and Overdose. There are a few rarities scattered throughout: "Fortune Cookie," an obscure B-side, and "No. 5," from Readymade Recordings in 1991. The St. Etienne remix of "Peace Music," nine minutes of loops and distortion, unbalances this collection, but most of the selection is cohesive enough to listen to all the way through.
Ted Mills, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. We Love Pizzicato Five
  2. Rock & Roll
  3. The Night Is Still Young
  4. Happy Sad
  5. Groovy Is My Name
  6. Sophisticated Catchy
  7. Strawberry Sleighride
  8. If I Were a Groupie
  9. Sweet Thursday
  10. CDJ
  11. Fortune Cookie
  12. Good
  13. Number Five
  14. Peace Music [St. Etienne Remix]
  15. Airplane
  16. Rock & Roll