November 09, 2010
Sony Music Entertainment

Album Review

This two-fer from the late country-pop legend includes the 2008 compilation Playlist: The Very Best of John Denver and 1995's Wildlife Concert. The single-disc, 15-track Playlist features several of Denver's hits from the '70s including "Sunshine on My Shoulders," "Take Me Home, Country Roads," "Back Home Again," "Thank God (I'm a Country Boy)," and "Rocky Mountain High." Wildlife Concert presents the highlights of his career in 5.1 surround sound. A string section accompanies Denver on favorites such as "Country Roads," "Rocky Mountain High," "For You," and "Annie's Song," giving the set a lush yet unpretentious feel.
Heather Phares & Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Rocky Mountain High
  2. Goodbye Again
  3. Mother Nature's Son
  4. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  5. Leaving On a Jet Plane
  6. Back Home Again
  7. Annie's Song
  8. Sweet Surrender
  9. Sunshine On My Shoulders
  10. Thank God I'm a Country Boy [Live]
  11. Baby, You Look Good To Me Tonight
  12. I'm Sorry
  13. Fly Away
  14. Calypso
  15. [CD-R Track] [Multimedia Track]
  16. Program Start [Live]
  17. Introduction From John Denver [Live]
  18. Eagles and Horses [Live]
  19. Country Roads [Live]
  20. Back Home Again [Live]
  21. The Wildlife Conservation Society [Live]
  22. You Say the Battle is Over [Live]
  23. A Song For All the Lovers [Live]
  24. Feeling Rocky Mountain High [Live]
  25. Rocky Mountain High [Live]
  26. I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado [Live]
  27. Outdoor Life [Live]
  28. I'd Rather Be a Cowboy [Live]
  29. For You [Live]
  30. I'm Sorry [Live]
  31. New Perspectives [Live]
  32. Fly Away [Live]
  33. Two Different Directions [Live]
  34. Shanghai Breezes [Live]
  35. Annie's Song [Live]
  36. Images From Nature [Live]
  37. Sunshine On My Shoulders [Live]
  38. The Spirit of the American West [Live]
  39. Wild Montana Skies [Live]
  40. Darcy Farrow [Live]
  41. Poems, Prayers, & Promises [Live]
  42. The Harder They Fall [Live]
  43. Bet On the Blues [Live]
  44. Falling Out of Love [Live]
  45. What Can I Do? [Live]
  46. Calypso [Live]
  47. Resentment and Regret [Live]
  48. Amazon [Live]
  49. To Be Remembered [Live]
  50. Leaving On a Jet Plane/Goodbye Again [Live]
  51. Farewell and Credits [Live]