June 15, 2010
Universal Republic

Album Review

The sophomore release from producer/singer/songwriter Kevin Rudolf opens with “I Made It,” a traditional “I made it” anthem that many rappers use to kick the door open. He’s got the style on lock, right down to the mentioning of his record label and his previous hit (“I told ya “Let It Rock”/And now money’s falling down from the sky”). From here, To the Sky becomes a more dance-oriented album than expected, going through a few rotations of uptempo “made it” songs, beat-filled heartache songs, and party starters before closing with “Crashing Down,” a rainy day soul searcher that’s so ‘80s-flavored you could pass it off as Mister Mister or Sting right after he went solo. Keeping things interesting is Rudolf’s always dynamic production, his serviceable songwriting, and a guest list that calls upon Three 6 Mafia for some much-appreciated sleaze, and Lil Wayne for some much-needed wordplay.
David Jeffries, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) [Version]
  2. You Make the Rain Fall
  3. Don't Cry
  4. Whatchu Waiting For
  5. Big Timer
  6. I Belong to You (Lany)
  7. Must Be Dreamin'
  8. Spit in Your Face
  9. What Do U Got
  10. Late Night Automatic
  11. Crashing Down
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