Album Review

Shocked made a big jump from The Texas Campfire Tapes to Short Sharp Shocked, but no one expected the direction she would take for Captain Swing. Rather than continuing as a folky singer/songwriter, she opted instead to take on western swing and big-band music, complete with horn-heavy arrangements and bright orchestration. And although the cartoon image of her on the cover gives a smirk and a sly wink, the album is surprising devoid of irony. She treats the genre with affection and she's obviously having a good time swinging. Captain Swing may have confused fans of Short Sharp Shocked, but the album has several great moments, and most of all, it offers a good time.
Chris Woodstra, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. God Is a Real Estate Developer
  2. On the Greener Side
  3. Silent Ways
  4. Sleep Keeps Me Awake
  5. The Cement Lament
  6. (Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister
  7. Looks Like Mona Lisa (Smells Like Tuna Fish)
  8. Too Little, Too Late
  9. Street Corner Ambassador
  10. Must Be Luff
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