October 27, 2008
Blue Orchid

Album Review

Hank Ballard and his band the Midnighters combined blues, gospel, doo wop, and early R&B into an earthy (and often risqué) 1950s blend that prefigured the rise of soul a decade later, and when he wrote a little novelty dance number called “The Twist,” a huge hit for Chubby Checker, Ballard crafted one of the biggest and most influential hits in the history of rock & roll. This two-disc set collects Ballard's classic early sides up to (and including) his own 1959 version of “The Twist," and also features “Every Beat of My Heart,” “Work with Me Annie” (plus several of its sequels), and “Don’t Change Your Pretty Ways,” along with other essential early Ballard recordings.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Every Beat of My Heart
  2. All Night Long
  3. Starting from Tonight
  4. I Know I Love You So
  5. Moonrise
  6. Fifth Street Blues
  7. A Love in My Heart
  8. I'll Never Let Her Go
  9. Are You Forgetting
  10. What Did I Do
  11. The Shrine of St. Celia
  12. I Feel So Blue
  13. Get It
  14. No It Ain't
  15. Hey Miss Fine
  16. I Feel That-A-Way
  17. That's It
  18. Someone Like You
  19. Work with Me Annie
  20. Until I Die
  21. That Woman
  22. Give It Up
  23. Sexy Ways
  24. Don't Say Your Last Goodbye
  25. Annie Had a Baby
  26. She's the One
  27. Annie's Aunt Fanny
  28. Crazy Loving
  29. Tell Them
  30. Stingy Little Thing
  31. Ashamed of Myself
  32. Ring-a-Ling-a-Ling
  33. Why Are We Apart
  34. Switchie Witchie Titchie
  35. Henry's Got Flat Feet
  36. Whatsonever You Do
  37. It's Love Baby
  38. Looka Here
  39. Rock and Roll Wedding
  40. That House on the Hill
  41. Don't Change Your Pretty Ways
  42. We'll Never Meet Again
  43. Partners For Life
  44. Sweet Mama Do Right
  45. Rock, Granny, Roll
  46. Open Up the Back Door
  47. Tore Up Over You
  48. Early One Morning
  49. I'll Be Home Someday
  50. Come on and Get It
  51. Let Me Hold Your Hand
  52. Ooh Bah Baby
  53. E Basta Cosi
  54. In the Doorway Crying
  55. Is Your Love So Real
  56. Oh So Happy
  57. Let 'Em Roll
  58. What Made You Change Your Mind
  59. Baby Please (Stay By My Side)
  60. The Twist
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