June 16, 2008
Sony BMG

Album Review

The Original Album Classics series by Song/BMG in Germany is an attempt to clear shelves of catalog titles that are lying about, but it inadvertently provides a great opportunity to those who have developed a sincere interest in a band via a greatest-hits comp but have yet to score any actual titles. These budget-priced, completely remastered collections feature full-length album classics -- in this case five consecutive albums by the Psychedelic Furs from their early post-punk psychedelia through to their MTV glory years. All recordings featured in this rather generic slipcase contain bonus material when possible and sound great. What's more, these can be had for a song. Depending on where you find them, they can be had for as little eight U.S. dollars per disc.
Thom Jurek, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. India
  2. Sister Europe
  3. Imitation of Christ
  4. Fall
  5. Pulse
  6. We Love You
  7. Wedding Song
  8. Blacks/Radio
  9. Flowers
  10. Susan's Strange
  11. Soap Commercial
  12. Mack the Knife [Non LP B-Side][*]
  13. Flowers [*][Demo Version]
  14. Dumb Waiters
  15. Pretty in Pink
  16. I Wanna Sleep with You
  17. No Tears
  18. Mr. Jones
  19. Into You Like a Train
  20. It Goes On
  21. So Run Down
  22. All of This and Nothing
  23. She Is Mine
  24. Mr. Jones [Single Version]
  25. So Run Down [Early Version][*]
  26. All of This and Nothing [*][Demo Version]
  27. Forever Now
  28. Love My Way
  29. Goodbye
  30. Only You and I
  31. Sleep Comes Down
  32. President Gas
  33. Run and Run
  34. Danger
  35. No Easy Street
  36. Yes I Do (Merry-Go-Round)
  37. Alice's House [Early Version]
  38. Aeroplane [Non LP B-Side][*]
  39. I Don't Want to Be Your Shadow [Non LP B-Side][*]
  40. Mary Go Round [*]
  41. President Gas [Non LP B-Side][Live][*]
  42. No Easy Street [Live][*]
  43. The Ghost in You
  44. Here Come Cowboys
  45. Heaven
  46. Heartbeat
  47. My Time
  48. Like a Stranger
  49. Alice's House
  50. Only a Game
  51. Highwire Days
  52. Heartbreak Beat
  53. Shock
  54. Shadow in My Heart
  55. Angels Don't Cry
  56. Midnight to Midnight
  57. One More World
  58. Torture
  59. All of the Law
  60. No Release
  61. Pretty in Pink