January 22, 2007
Echo-Vista Group

Album Review

Midway through KRS-One's Adventures in Emceein, Nas (often the torch-bearer for much of KRS-One's preaching) calls KRS "the greatest MC of all time" and repeats that designation for posterity's sake. It's hard to argue with Nas, considering KRS-One's unmatched longevity, much of which has been characterized by relevance and excellence. Nas appears at the opening of "The Real Hiphop" -- a subject that is the hallmark of practically every KRS recording. Just like every other album over the past 20 or so years -- especially the recent ones -- Adventures in Emceein deals with the preservation of hip-hop and the necessity of teaching, or as KRS puts it on "What's Your Plan?," "All I'm trying to do is educate the young ones." The result is a series of largely static songs that, although they spring from an inspired artist incessantly motivated with the notion of the greater good, will probably bore most listeners. There is affecting production in spots ("I Got You") and KRS seems immune to serving up garbage rhymes, with the social critique of "Our Soldiers" highlighting the substance void of both music and political talking heads. Still, many of the songs sound like recycled KRS stock. Some are downright corny, such as "Alright." Yeah, it's always nice to hear, arguably, the greatest to ever do it, but it's become increasingly less of an event.
Vincent Thomas, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Today's Topics
  3. Our Soldiers
  4. Money
  5. We Dem Teachas
  6. Better & Better
  7. The Way It's Goin' Down
  8. The Teacha Returns
  9. The Real Hiphop
  10. Watch This!
  11. What's Your Plan?
  12. All Right
  13. Don't Get So High [Dancehall Mix]
  14. I Got You
  15. All My Love
  16. Over 30 [Remix]
  17. Getaway
  18. Don't Give It Up
  19. Gro---oh! (Hiphop Nation)
  20. It's All Love
  21. Wachanoabout