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Exotic McDonalds Menu Items

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Shrek Wedding

Most couples dream of a traditional romantic white wedding, but one wacky couple literally created their own unique fairytale wedding. The Jersey couple tied the knot dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona from the Dreamworks animated film. Devoted Paul Bellas, 42, painted himself green and wore monster ears and eyebrows for the movie-themed big day.   Paul Bellas, 42 and his wife Heidi Coxshall, 30, made the unusual choice of getting married dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona     Heidi transformed into ogre Fiona for the reception, in lien with the film in which the beautiful princess is cursed to turn an ogre when the sun sets     The couple literally had a fairytale wedding with the magical theme running throughout the day's celebrations - including a Shrek cake Bride Heidi Coxshall, 30, dressed as Shrek's sweetheart Princess Fiona for the couple's wedding - which featured a cast of characters from the animated film. Their four-year-old son Leo dressed as Donkey, Shrek's best pal, while Heidi's brother John gave her away as Muffin Man from Shrek 2.     More... Proof that it's never too late to marry... even if, like Carole Stone, you're 57 before a man ... Read More