RESPECT to LL Cool J! He 'beat down' a home intruder... here's the story!

Posted By: Brian Mack · 8/23/2012 9:52:00 PM

LL Cool J reportedly took down an intruder who tried to break into his Los Angeles home. According to, law enforcement sources say that the suspect entered the actor/rapper's home at around 2 am Wednesday morning (August 21st), while LL was home. LL reportedly woke up to the noise that he heard downstairs, he went to check it out and found the intruder.

Sources say that intruder alerted LL's alarm system, and LL decided to beat down the man and managed to detain him until the LAPD arrived a few minutes to make the arrest. The intruder -- who's being described as a transient, reportedly suffered a broken nose and jaw. The man will be booked for burglary.

  • A rep has confirmed that LL is safe and unharmed. As for the beat down that LL gave the intruder, his rep said, "He is committed to keeping his family safe and is cooperating with authorities."

And HEEEEEERE's the video that MAY have inspired him to take things into his own hands...



BTW! LL COOL J = Ladies Love Cool James.... and now you know that!

B Mack

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