Single? THAT'S AWESOME!!!!

Posted By: April Lyn · 6/1/2012 2:55:00 PM


1. You don't have to worry about shaving your legs! Just throw on some pants!
Then again, if you DO want to shave and hit the pool or beach....

2. Flaunt that bikini!
If you've got it - flaunt it! There's a swimsuit out there for ANY body type that will accentuate the positive. Get a bright bold color which is a sure fire way to initiate a conversation with new friends!

3. Get up and GO!
Want to take an impromptu vacay with friends to Vegas or somewhere fun and tropical?...Do it! You don't ever have to answer to ANYONE you're in a relationship with, but as a single person, it's easier to get up and jetset!

4. Watch Whatever You Want on Television!
If you're not a sports fan, no worries there! Being single means you can watch ANYTHING you want on television, especially those amazing Lifetime Movies that men hate!

5. Girls Night Out EVERY Night!
It's ladies night every night! When you're single, men will buy you drinks and food. Happy Hour is your primetime to shine!

6. Join A Beach Club or Pool!
What better way to socialize and have fun in the sun then searching out a happening pool or taking a trip to the beach...the perfect way to spend a summer day!

7. Volunteer!
Fill your weekends with volunteering activities that involve being outdoors. From gardening groups, to playing with kids, to chilling with pets...have fun AND do something good for someone else at the same time!

8. Flirt!
Flirt without thinking twice! You've got every right to! With warm weather approaching, everyone is in the mood!

9. Do Something Spontaneous!
Do something that you know a previous lover would've rolled their eyes at, and revel in it....and let it feel AWESOME!

10. You have the bed ALL to yourself!
No worries about someone snatching the covers and hogging the pillows! Sprawl out! The bed is ALL yours!...that is unless you want to share!

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