How about the Real Housewives of the Okanagan?!?

Posted By: April Lyn · 5/31/2012 2:51:00 PM

Real Housewives of Vancouver- so ridiculous- please don’t judge!


The ladies spent a few days here in the Okanagan- at Sparkling Hill!

From watching the show, do I ever want to spend some time up there!

But NOT with the Housewives of Vancouver, they are wayyy too dramatic. And a couple of them are really mean.

I know so many women in Vernon and around the Okanagan that would put those girls to shame.

If Slice wanted me on a reality tv show, I’d say yes, Would you?

Here’s the link to their website:

Ooo and if you want mroe details on being swanky up at Sparkling Hill:

They also went to Summerhill in Kelowna that has a Zen pyramid, where they sit the wine to get good energy... youapparently can sit in there and make wishes and get good energy aswell...


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