• Linsday Lohan’s Instafail

    It`s awesome to see how much positivity and inspiration people exude on social media these days...but it`s also borderline hilarious when something like this happens. Lindsay Lohan's Instagram post below doesn’t say “you’re beautiful “ in Arabic…it’s says “you’re an a$$.`` Read More
  • The Face of Litter

    It’s unlikely that we’d see something like this in North America simply because littering isn’t as much of an issue as it is in parts of Asia, however, the idea of putting a face to an anonymous crime helps underline the idea that we should all be held accountable for the cleanliness of our planet (or lack thereof). Read More
  • Shia and the Fame Game

    It’s no secret...Shia Labouf hates being famous.  Although, the most recent explanation he gave for his hatred of celebrity status is quite intricate. In an interview with variety.com he said: Read More
  • 23 People, 1 Van, and Carly Rae Jepson!

    It’s definitely not the first hilarious Carly Rae lip-sync video…but it’s definitely the best! Read More
  • The Internet's Newest Optical Illusion

    If you’re still trying to figure out if the dress is white and gold, or blue and black…forget it... because there are way more important things to try and figure out. Like whether this cat is walking up, or down the stairs. Read More
  • Did Drake Really Love The Madonna Kiss?

    Despite the look of absolute disgust after kissing a woman who is exactly half his age, Drake claims to have loved his moment of intimacy with The Queen of Pop. Apparently, the repulsive look he gave following the kiss was because of her “gnarly lipstick.” Read More



  • Today on Seacrest - April 24

    Vin Diesel was on the show today to talk about the “Fast & Furious” franchise. Plus, we saw Carly Rae Jepsen perform on Ellen, and got a peek at Taylor Swift in the June issue of Glamour UK. It’s all here.. Read More
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